visit other websites please

it’s been slow here as of late, so i’m redirecting to you other websites that have some new, inspired content vs the useless drabble that i usually post.

-> accurate representation of my standing among friends and family [graphjam]

-> always make sure you clear your own computer of porn before reporting someone else to the authorities about porn – gotta love her picture, too [smoking gun]

-> its always easier to just try and make friends instead of forcing someone to like you through fear [nova]

-> create your own skittles flavored vodka for the next party. i never liked the yellow and green much, i’m more into the red & purple [lifehacker]

-> this is why you’re fat []

ham sandwich topped with 11 sunny-side-up eggs

the treasure loaf: ground spam cubes with a velveeta center and topped with melted velveeta.


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