plethora of new links

although i haven’t posted all that much lately, i am still collecting the good pictures and links to share. the last weeks have had hospital visits, business trips, a bachelor party, and one potential instance of swine flu. kidding.

kill some time online indoors with the impending cloudy and cool weather by checking out these links:

-> most excellent artwork all done with ballpoint pen [crookedbrains]

-> collection of games that people have converted from old NES or Sega to browser-based games via flash, like super mario and contra []

-> guy has recreated guantanamo/abu ghraib scenes purely with lego’s [flickr]

-> keyword searching through flickr – this one is of “baby” – scroll down just past halfway [flickr]

-> i know that tri still thinks i have some indian (or afghan) heritage, and i have to keep denying it. after reading this article, he should now know for sure from experience that it’s impossible []

-> middle-aged woman in a wheelchair uses pot and booze to lure teens and then sexually assault them. the story only stands out because it would take much heavier intoxicants to even begin to befriend this woman [katu2]

i hope i was able to at least elicit some emotion (happy, sad, regret) after reading these.


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