lazy sunday links

you should really be out enjoying the beautiful weather outside, but if you’re stuck with swine flu or home to watch the nba playoffs, then these links will help pass the time in between halves of the games. now that yao is out with a broken foot, the lakers will take the west and play against a tired cleveland team to win the title. bleh.

-> this site will take a specified youtube video (or give you a random one) and slice/dice it up enough to make your head spin. you’ll need a good video card to make it worth your while [yooouuutuuube]

-> after reading this article, i felt instantly inspired to start my own version here in the bay area. anyone want to join me in a monthly beef-and-bacon-party and then write about it?  [ny times]

-> while the chinese lead the world in math achievement, contribution to global warming and producing bad drivers (not to mention the loud throat-clears resulting in phlegm, trying to take over tibet and making america fat with panda express orange chicken, to name a few things), they definitely lag far behind in creativity. check out some of these copycat cars from the recent shanghai car show []

-> i’ve been riding bart more lately since i haven’t been driving. it’s not all that bad for some certain trips to the city. i think it will be even more useful when it finally makes it further south with the irvington and warm springs stations in fremont. i heard they are getting new trains too, so maybe we can’t put the swings up anymore [flickr]

-> amazing art all done in ballpoint pen only. who needs fancy equipment when you’re this naturally talented? coincidentally, this is the same line i used on girls when i was growing up. example pic below [crookedbrains]

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