mid-week link distraction tactics

its the middle of the week for me because i work from home on fridays. technically, i’m already halfway done, 4 hours ahead of the rest of you guys and girls. read the stories below to get you to the midway point.

-> everyone knows what cheesy, boilerplate ebay feedback looks like – ‘a++, item delivered, quick shipping’ and even i’m guilty of this myself. after reading this guy’s feedback, i feel inspired to write more thoughtful stuff  [ebay]

-> photo essay, ‘you are what you eat’ [good.is]

-> a new word for you – ‘moobs’ – it is as ugly as you think it is. it’s still technically sfw if your HR manager walks by, but you could still get canned for just being odd and looking at pictures like this [google image search]

-> get this professional template and print out a phony ‘DHS photography license’ for the next time some bart police or rent-a-cop tries to make you stop taking pictures or otherwise trample your civil rights. considering their limited knowledge and application of the law, they probably will back off after seeing this card [boing boing]

-> printing bogus DHS identification could get you in some legal trouble. luckily i’ve got some big guns who are just dying to do some pro bono work to keep me out of the waterboarding room. congratulations noah! let’s get your golf game going now to complete your ascension into law [columbia]

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