98-degree links

the title somewhat inspired by vanessa minnillo’s recent dumping of ex-98 degree douchebag nick lachey and also the recent warm weather at home.

-> pho garden in san francisco is calling my name with a food challenge. it’s not on the scale as the in-n-out 100 x 100 burger, but the $22 bowl of pho can be had for free if you finish the whole thing. look at the picture of that thing – you could take a bath in there [blogspot]

-> time magazine writes about how it’s harder to love ugly babies. i’m glad that my kids are good-looking so i won’t have to worry about this. even if they were ugly, they make up for it by being able to fart loudly [time magazine]

-> this can belp some asian people with the transition to using a toilet [lillipad.co.nz]

-> if you’re wondering how to duplicate some restaurant recipies, this provides a good start to your research [wisebread]

farewell billy mays

…this is looking like an obituary column lately.

hearing the news about this one had more impact than MJ – television pitchman billy mays passed away sunday morning at his home in tampa. even marcos knew him by name from the goofy commercials on tv. aside from the late-night oxy clean and zorbees spots, i think his best work was espn commercials, as they were a self-parody of sorts.

this site put a list of all the stuff that he has done [amog.com]

some new t-shirts

some of my favorite t-shirts are starting to show their age – as people in the house can attest to. i feel that some of the more tattered shirts are being secretly disposed of because people can’t stand looking at the frayed edges and armpit holes but i won’t point any fingers at my wife.

fact: the daly city dolphins shirt has been with me for 10-15 years already, from when cedric was swimming for them.

this store has designs for shirts, laptop skins, etc [glennz]

congratulations big unit

randy johnson won his 300th game last night in front of just a few fans that stuck around in the rain at the washington nationals stadium:

the pride of livermore high school joins an elite club as one of 25 pitchers in MLB history with 300 wins. i’m just happy that he was able to do it in a giants uniform and that he has trimmed his mullet a little bit. maybe in arizona it’s cool to have one, but it’s different out here. i also like how noah lowry gave up his 51 jersey number to randy so he can stay at his signature number.

there’s some interesting nuggets in his [wiki]

delay the start of your workweek

friday came quick this week – let these stories guide you safely into the weekend. you can take some sick pleasure that i will be crawling around the office this morning under people’s desks, near their exfoliated feet skin doing a physical inventory of our computer hardware. FML.

-> our us energy secretary steven chu has a ph.d from stanford and a nobel prize. he mentioned the other day that painting our roofs white and making our roads out of a lighter-shade of asphalt can maybe help with global warming. the idea is a little offbeat, but who am i to call him out? apparently, this didn’t stop 500+ other people from making comments. start reading from the bottom up for some good right-wing looney-ness [bbc.co.uk]

-> salon columnist jodi kasten writes about how men are often the victims of inequality, but it just goes unnoticed or unreported. for example, if a woman walks around and hugs kids at the playground, it’s a cute thing but if a man did that, the cops would be on him in a second [salon.com]

-> you gotta live microsoft products when one of the OFFICIAL workarounds for a particular excel 97 problem is moving the mouse pointer quickly around the screen while a query is running. see “method 2” in the link [support.microsoft.com]

-> if you usually have to take a pee break during a movie, but don’t know when to go, there is a new site with user-contributed info on the best times to leave movies to hit the head. there’s an iphone app coming soon too [runpee.com]

-> a couple more sites that could have true or fictional content. the “top-rated postings” are reasonably humorous [fmylife.com] & [textsfromlastnight.com] & [givesmehope.com]


-> great south florida craigslist ad where a woman appeals to her community to help her locate a rusty trombone that her husband wants for his bday:

Husband wants a rusty trombone for his birthday

Date: 2009-04-27, 8:03PM EDT

My husband has asked for a rusty trombone for his birthday, which is Wednesday. I’ve scoured the pawn shops and music stores, and I haven’t found one. I am guessing that rusty ones will be cheaper than new ones, and I don’t know what the big deal is, but it’s what he wants and he is very specific about it. I could have bought a dozen new ones at this point, but he says that a rusty trombone is nostalgic for him, so I suppose it will mean more. If you selling (or even giving away) a rusty trombone, please let me know what you have, how much it costs and how I can get it (will you deliver it, or will I have to go to you?). Also, suggestions on how to wrap such a thing? Please help, I am down to the wire on this thing and I don’t like being this late with a gift!!!

check [wikipedia] if you are unsure what a rusty trombone is (nsfw text)