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with the recent time off, i’ve been browsing a lot but not posting much. here’s some of the stuff that i’ve read lately.

-> japanese gangster “yakuza” minivans. i think until about 5th or 6th grade, your kids would be excited for you to drop them off to school in one of these  []

-> more insight into japanese culture – i’m sure they had no trouble soliciting these men to strip down to their tighty-whiteys and run around []

-> parody of microsoft’s laptop hunter commercials on tv – those are so ridiculously terrible and probably obsolete now that apple has cut their prices as of the last wwdc [funnyordie]

-> very well done marriage invite – makes others look so plain and boring [metalmother]

-> and finally, everyone has pictures like these in their family photo stash – this site gathers the good ones []

here’s my contribution – my uncle logan giving me some cigar. note the doyle man trait of having one eyebrow has traveled a few more generations down.

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