delay the start of your workweek

friday came quick this week – let these stories guide you safely into the weekend. you can take some sick pleasure that i will be crawling around the office this morning under people’s desks, near their exfoliated feet skin doing a physical inventory of our computer hardware. FML.

-> our us energy secretary steven chu has a ph.d from stanford and a nobel prize. he mentioned the other day that painting our roofs white and making our roads out of a lighter-shade of asphalt can maybe help with global warming. the idea is a little offbeat, but who am i to call him out? apparently, this didn’t stop 500+ other people from making comments. start reading from the bottom up for some good right-wing looney-ness []

-> salon columnist jodi kasten writes about how men are often the victims of inequality, but it just goes unnoticed or unreported. for example, if a woman walks around and hugs kids at the playground, it’s a cute thing but if a man did that, the cops would be on him in a second []

-> you gotta live microsoft products when one of the OFFICIAL workarounds for a particular excel 97 problem is moving the mouse pointer quickly around the screen while a query is running. see “method 2” in the link []

-> if you usually have to take a pee break during a movie, but don’t know when to go, there is a new site with user-contributed info on the best times to leave movies to hit the head. there’s an iphone app coming soon too []

-> a couple more sites that could have true or fictional content. the “top-rated postings” are reasonably humorous [] & [] & []


-> great south florida craigslist ad where a woman appeals to her community to help her locate a rusty trombone that her husband wants for his bday:

Husband wants a rusty trombone for his birthday

Date: 2009-04-27, 8:03PM EDT

My husband has asked for a rusty trombone for his birthday, which is Wednesday. I’ve scoured the pawn shops and music stores, and I haven’t found one. I am guessing that rusty ones will be cheaper than new ones, and I don’t know what the big deal is, but it’s what he wants and he is very specific about it. I could have bought a dozen new ones at this point, but he says that a rusty trombone is nostalgic for him, so I suppose it will mean more. If you selling (or even giving away) a rusty trombone, please let me know what you have, how much it costs and how I can get it (will you deliver it, or will I have to go to you?). Also, suggestions on how to wrap such a thing? Please help, I am down to the wire on this thing and I don’t like being this late with a gift!!!

check [wikipedia] if you are unsure what a rusty trombone is (nsfw text)

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