word of the day – business shower

(noun) – 1. an intimate shower taken between 2 persons solely for the purporse of saving time, completely devoid of any sexual connotation.

“Oh shit, my alarm didnt go off”
“Shit… I have to be at work in 20 minutes”
“We’ll just have to shower together”
“Hey man, thats gross”
“Nah its cool… It’ll be a Business Shower”
“Aight dog”

lifted from [urban dictionary]

more random stuff from there if/when you’re bored [urban dictionary]

today’s deep thought by jack handey

I remember that one fateful day when Coach took me aside. I knew what was coming. “You don’t have to tell me,” I said. “I’m off the team, aren’t I?” “Well,” said Coach, “you never were really ON the team. You made that uniform you’re wearing out of rags and towels, and your helmet is a toy space helmet. You show up at practice and then either steal the ball and make us chase you to get it back, or you try to tackle people at inappropriate times.” It was all true what he was saying. And yet, I thought something is brewing inside the head of this Coach. He sees something in me, some kind of raw talent that he can mold. But that’s when I felt the handcuffs go on.

moon landing conspiracy (and…is pres obama a citizen?)

we celebrated our 40th anniversary of landing on the moon on the 20th, but there are still some people that say everything was fake – it was an elaborate ruse to win the space race back in the day. conspiracy theories are just too much work for me – whatever happens, happens.

top 10 conspiracy theories [time magazine]


this one is more recent – there’s a group of people who firmly believe that obama was born in kenya and thus not eligible to be president of the united states, contrary to solid evidence proving otherwise [intershame.com]

a congressman from delaware is accosted by a proud us citizen at a recent town hall meeting. it makes me glad that i live in california – where people are more laid back about this kind of stuff.

UPDATE – i will have to eat my words about californians because this congressman from california, mr ted campbell, still has some doubt about president obama and his citizenship. i first thought he was from some hillbilly town like hemet or lamar in the central valley but he is from newport beach. is newport beach that bad? chris mathews of cnbc finally persuades tom campbell to admit that he believes president obama is a natural-born citizen. this is insane!

no computer at home links

since free time at home has been curtailed lately with getting the boys to bed, most of the personal web browsing has been happening at work during, ahem, break and and lunch time. there are even some nights that i do not even turn the computer on at all. IMAGINE THAT!

feel sorry for me by reading these stories:

-> artist chris jordan has some great pictures showing the effects of mass consumption in the world [matador change]

-> a sampling of state fair foods shows that you can deep fry just about anything – and some of it actually looks good [delish.com]

-> marcy wheeler says the word “blowj*b” on MSNBC but this mom says she is not offended [firedoglake]

-> president obama plays hoop and so old hoopsters are dusting off their air flight’s to get some valuable face time with the president. i think that if i was president, it would be pretty much the same thing, only much more competitive [espn.com]

-> scientific evidence proves that sleeping can solve a lot of problems. i rode this wave for years prior to me settling down and having a family [bbc.co.uk]


-> olan mills, those overpriced purveyors of fine photography otherwise known as the k-mart photo studio, showcase some of their best work from the last 20-30 years [blogspot]

peet’s is better than pearl milk tea

get a 2-for-1 coupon for iced peet’s drinks up till today only using this coupon! [pdf]

i would take peet’s coffee over a pearl milk tea anyway as i’m not a big fan of the little pearls at the bottom of the cup. i definitely take no joy in having that large straw in my mouth sucking the little pearls into my mouth.

airing out the man-thong

obviously this guy was on his way to the jason mraz concert when his shoe got untied.

why even wear anything at all? you would think if he was going to the jason mraz concert, he would just go commando? girls, what’s your take on this?

post garage-sale links

this weekend, people paid us to haul the garbage out of the garage – otherwise known as a garage sale. remnants of excessive credit-card spending, failed home business and overzealous o’reilly book purchases were all on display for our neighbors to see. the serious shoppers came early in the morning, snapping up the good stuff while the casual buyers sorted through the chaff the rest of the day.

read these links while i roll all the quarters up, so i can deposit them at the bank and buy a peet’s coffee:

-> someone felt compelled enough to write up a craigslist posting about the hidden power show present at male urinals worldwide. i think most guys are aware of this, but let it pass without incident [craigslist]

-> some guy reported problems with things missing out of his car after bringing it in for service at a toyota dealership in pennsylvania. after getting the brush off from the dealer, he put a camera in the car before the next service visit and saw employees stealing his change, picking through the console for stuff and also watching a porno on a laptop while working on the car [consumerist]

-> scientific research shows that if you keep a baby picture in your wallet, you are more likely to get it returned to you if someone finds it [times.co.uk]

-> a shoe designer thought that maybe reverting back to paleolithic-era running styles could be beneficial to reducing injuries and returning a more “natural” form of running. the best argument is that our ancestors used to run barefoot – sure, but did they really run several miles a day as part of a fitness routine or were they running so that big wild rhinoceros chasing them didn’t catch and eat them? runner friend dani said she actually has seen runners with these on in the city [wired magazine]

-> nifty explanations of why the salt ponds around the sf bay area are colored the way they are [killer directory]


-> some examples of michael jackson tattoos that people have gotten/are getting. i’m sure you already know how i feel about this but it still makes me feel good about my position in life when i know there are these people at the bottom of the ladder [unfabulouz.com]

random tidbits

not much to say today, not enough links to write up a whole post so this is just a random collection of crap which will hopefully make you smile/cry/wince.

more google suggested searches – remember, these are actual phrases people have typed into google and google is just trying to be helpful so you don’t have to type the whole thing.

someone snapped this picture from a recent wal-mart trip:

and a couple links:

-> some cities thinking of enabling the composting toilet. a classic example of some life coming from the dead [nytimes.com]

-> president obama likes to say things with the correct pronunciation, trying to be as authentic as possible. people will say he’s trying hard when it’s CHEE-leh (Chile) but he’s favoring his muslim past when he says PAH-kih-ston (Pakistan) [politico.com]

vote for pablo!

the sf giants hold the second best record in the national league, thanks in part to having given up the least amount of runs in all of baseball. matt cain and tim lincecum lead the pitching staff and they have selected to represent the national league in the all-star game this year.

the giants also have another worthy candidate in pablo sandoval (.333, 12HR, 44RBI through Jul 4).

he hasn’t been officially selected yet, but we can help vote him in to be in the all-star game with the convenient tool below. we can vote up to 25 times a day until thursday, jul 9.

let’s all help pablo out and click on this to get pablo into the all-star game!

farewell civic hybrid

continuing with the grim obituary-type postings, the honda civic hybrid met it’s fate last week. the daughter was driving it and some yahoo tapped the rear quarter and made it spin out. insurance confirmed the car is totaled and so she will meet the big wrecker in the sky (the car, not the daughter).

lucky for me, there was a huge personal injury settlement and i got myself into a new nissan skyline gt-r. the trunk is just big enough to fit my golf clubs nicely. see the specs at [nissanusa.com]. i figure that we’ll all be driving electric or natural gas cars soon, so i might as well enjoy myself with a good, fast car like i’ve had before (see the list to the left).

sorry for the crappy picture quality, because it’s not really my car. the bulge in my pants, however, is ALL mine.

like you’re really working today

some people got a half-day off work today – lucky them. most people are just counting down the minutes till the holiday weekend. make the time go faster by checking out these stories:

-> does anyone proofread anymore? little girls reading this book wouldn’t understand what the little boys are giggling about [amazon]

-> very interesting picture of an ant, very high-res and very close-up [gigapan.org]

-> good list of photography tools for macs. most are pay-for, but there are some freebies in there [appstorm]

-> ny times article about some good burgers around the country, including a mention of a couple restaurants in the city and healdsburg. my advice to you is to NOT read this before you have food in your stomach because it will make you very hungry [ny times]

albert pujols is scary

there’s no denying that albert pujols is the best hitter in baseball right now. the stats don’t lie:

there also is no debate about how to pronounce his last name, as seen in the picture above. espn was nice enough to give a phonetic pronunciation helper for people’s last names.