moon landing conspiracy (and…is pres obama a citizen?)

we celebrated our 40th anniversary of landing on the moon on the 20th, but there are still some people that say everything was fake – it was an elaborate ruse to win the space race back in the day. conspiracy theories are just too much work for me – whatever happens, happens.

top 10 conspiracy theories [time magazine]


this one is more recent – there’s a group of people who firmly believe that obama was born in kenya and thus not eligible to be president of the united states, contrary to solid evidence proving otherwise []

a congressman from delaware is accosted by a proud us citizen at a recent town hall meeting. it makes me glad that i live in california – where people are more laid back about this kind of stuff.

UPDATE – i will have to eat my words about californians because this congressman from california, mr ted campbell, still has some doubt about president obama and his citizenship. i first thought he was from some hillbilly town like hemet or lamar in the central valley but he is from newport beach. is newport beach that bad? chris mathews of cnbc finally persuades tom campbell to admit that he believes president obama is a natural-born citizen. this is insane!

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