no computer at home links

since free time at home has been curtailed lately with getting the boys to bed, most of the personal web browsing has been happening at work during, ahem, break and and lunch time. there are even some nights that i do not even turn the computer on at all. IMAGINE THAT!

feel sorry for me by reading these stories:

-> artist chris jordan has some great pictures showing the effects of mass consumption in the world [matador change]

-> a sampling of state fair foods shows that you can deep fry just about anything – and some of it actually looks good []

-> marcy wheeler says the word “blowj*b” on MSNBC but this mom says she is not offended [firedoglake]

-> president obama plays hoop and so old hoopsters are dusting off their air flight’s to get some valuable face time with the president. i think that if i was president, it would be pretty much the same thing, only much more competitive []

-> scientific evidence proves that sleeping can solve a lot of problems. i rode this wave for years prior to me settling down and having a family []


-> olan mills, those overpriced purveyors of fine photography otherwise known as the k-mart photo studio, showcase some of their best work from the last 20-30 years [blogspot]

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