farewell civic hybrid

continuing with the grim obituary-type postings, the honda civic hybrid met it’s fate last week. the daughter was driving it and some yahoo tapped the rear quarter and made it spin out. insurance confirmed the car is totaled and so she will meet the big wrecker in the sky (the car, not the daughter).

lucky for me, there was a huge personal injury settlement and i got myself into a new nissan skyline gt-r. the trunk is just big enough to fit my golf clubs nicely. see the specs at [nissanusa.com]. i figure that we’ll all be driving electric or natural gas cars soon, so i might as well enjoy myself with a good, fast car like i’ve had before (see the list to the left).

sorry for the crappy picture quality, because it’s not really my car. the bulge in my pants, however, is ALL mine.

like you’re really working today

some people got a half-day off work today – lucky them. most people are just counting down the minutes till the holiday weekend. make the time go faster by checking out these stories:

-> does anyone proofread anymore? little girls reading this book wouldn’t understand what the little boys are giggling about [amazon]

-> very interesting picture of an ant, very high-res and very close-up [gigapan.org]

-> good list of photography tools for macs. most are pay-for, but there are some freebies in there [appstorm]

-> ny times article about some good burgers around the country, including a mention of a couple restaurants in the city and healdsburg. my advice to you is to NOT read this before you have food in your stomach because it will make you very hungry [ny times]

albert pujols is scary

there’s no denying that albert pujols is the best hitter in baseball right now. the stats don’t lie:

there also is no debate about how to pronounce his last name, as seen in the picture above. espn was nice enough to give a phonetic pronunciation helper for people’s last names.