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this weekend, people paid us to haul the garbage out of the garage – otherwise known as a garage sale. remnants of excessive credit-card spending, failed home business and overzealous o’reilly book purchases were all on display for our neighbors to see. the serious shoppers came early in the morning, snapping up the good stuff while the casual buyers sorted through the chaff the rest of the day.

read these links while i roll all the quarters up, so i can deposit them at the bank and buy a peet’s coffee:

-> someone felt compelled enough to write up a craigslist posting about the hidden power show present at male urinals worldwide. i think most guys are aware of this, but let it pass without incident [craigslist]

-> some guy reported problems with things missing out of his car after bringing it in for service at a toyota dealership in pennsylvania. after getting the brush off from the dealer, he put a camera in the car before the next service visit and saw employees stealing his change, picking through the console for stuff and also watching a porno on a laptop while working on the car [consumerist]

-> scientific research shows that if you keep a baby picture in your wallet, you are more likely to get it returned to you if someone finds it []

-> a shoe designer thought that maybe reverting back to paleolithic-era running styles could be beneficial to reducing injuries and returning a more “natural” form of running. the best argument is that our ancestors used to run barefoot – sure, but did they really run several miles a day as part of a fitness routine or were they running so that big wild rhinoceros chasing them didn’t catch and eat them? runner friend dani said she actually has seen runners with these on in the city [wired magazine]

-> nifty explanations of why the salt ponds around the sf bay area are colored the way they are [killer directory]


-> some examples of michael jackson tattoos that people have gotten/are getting. i’m sure you already know how i feel about this but it still makes me feel good about my position in life when i know there are these people at the bottom of the ladder []

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