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bruce bochy has a big head

after watching the giants beat the phillies tonight, i wanted to find out more about giants skipper bruce bochy so i headed over to wikipedia, where i found this little gem:

Bochy is known for having one of the largest cap sizes in Major League Baseball at 8 3/4. When he joined the Mets in 1982, they did not have a batting helmet that would fit him, and they had to send the ones he was using in the minors.

8 3/4?! that’s huge! i finally grew into my 7 3/4 head size when i put some weight on later in life, but it was a watermelon on a toothpick when i was younger. my boys will also have these same head size issues when they get older. [wikipedia]

here’s bruce bochy’s baseball card from back in the day:

and anything is better than this guy’s baseball card:

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