make the weekend get here faster!

a couple stories to help you get closer to the week-end.

-> 100 things that my kids will never have the pleasure of knowing – things like auto-reverse cassette decks, high-speed dubbing, blowing the dust out of a nintendo cartridge to help it load better and having a actual book dictionary around the house []

-> we need some of these posted at strategic locations in downtown areas [design blog]

->  how did i miss out on the baconcamp. do not browse this site if you are hungry and you like salty, cured pork strips [baconcamp sf]

-> add a strip of bacon to any website, like this [example][]

-> more doctors condoning coffee consumption, after research proves that it helps parkinson’s, diabetes and liver cancer – as if i needed more motivation to drink more coffee. if only i could find a study that says guinness has the same powers, i’d be set! i also have a peet’s card, courtesy of fishbowl, so someone call me up and we’ll go [la times]

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