marcos and socram

back in 5th grade or so, we had gi joe toys and chetty had the tomax and xamot twins that were part of the evil cobra forces. they were twins and you could only tell them apart by the location of their facial scar (can’t see too well in the above picture). anyway, it spawned some ideas and so me and my friends started backwards names also (DE, IRT, RETSEHC, etc). we had lots of time to think of stuff like this because we didn’t have girlfriends at the time, or for the next several years.

fast forward to today, i am proud to say that MARCOS also responds naturally to his nickname/backwards name of SOCRAM. mom might not be as proud, but i still think it’s pretty funny. next up is OETAM.

here’s a picture of our good buddy SOCRAM:

thanks to gma and gpa doyle for springing for these fancy pictures from his preschool.

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