walnut creek office link action

i was able to make it to our walnut creek office this morning since the bart workers didn’t get their strike on today. i was thinking that the AMTU station agents should have worn a badge or otherwise identifying mark to indicate to the train riders this morning that they were the ones willing to disrupt the lives of millions of people. $65k+ for a train operator? the whole system is run by computer! the train operator only opens the little side window to make sure the doors aren’t going to pinch anyone and to drearily utter the station names as they approach.

anyway, enjoy the links while i bake in the 95 degree weather here in walnut creek.

-> new home battery technology being worked on could store energy from solar panels or windmills. imagine a battery the size of a washing machine that could charge up at an off-hour when demand and rates are lower and provide enough power for 4-6 hours of typical home usage. a longish but very intriguing article [heraldextra]

-> i was first drawn to this article because i saw the word ‘teabaggery’ in the title. it wasn’t what i thought it was, but it definitely bolsters my case for having the US split into two countries. one for the blue people and one for the idiots [bluehampshire.com]

-> california prop 6 bill author who wanted to outlaw same sex marriage to maintain the sanctity of traditional marriage has just been served with divorce papers. you have to see the details of how it all went down [sd city beat]


-> the hubble deep field telescope has found 100 BILLION other galaxies in the universe. there’s gotta be other life out there somewhere.

emo fail

it’s not emo when you forget to put the ketchup bottle away behind you before cutting yourself.

le tour eiffel de lego

stopped by the display of the bay area lego user’s group [baylug] in san leandro yesterday with the boys. there were some very nice model cities, star wars ships, trains and things like this 4-foot-tall eiffel tower. it was impressive to see the variety of things built with lego’s there. not as impressive was the overall attractiveness of the crowd, as you can imagine for an event like this lego-orgy.

i think it’s a good time to bust out the home lego collection for me and marcos to start building things. i was afraid he would try and eat the bricks before but he’s past that stage now. it also will guarantee his success in life, much like it has for his father.

DM at shoreline

DM is playing at shoreline next week – i wonder if i can hitch a ride with someone? Here’s a vid from Letterman a while ago.

finally on facebook

after resisting the lure of social networking sites, i’ve finally succumbed to the pressure from friends and family and am now on facebook. i don’t know if i can do any less work at work, but this will surely help.

visit me [facebook]

marcos and socram

back in 5th grade or so, we had gi joe toys and chetty had the tomax and xamot twins that were part of the evil cobra forces. they were twins and you could only tell them apart by the location of their facial scar (can’t see too well in the above picture). anyway, it spawned some ideas and so me and my friends started backwards names also (DE, IRT, RETSEHC, etc). we had lots of time to think of stuff like this because we didn’t have girlfriends at the time, or for the next several years.

fast forward to today, i am proud to say that MARCOS also responds naturally to his nickname/backwards name of SOCRAM. mom might not be as proud, but i still think it’s pretty funny. next up is OETAM.

here’s a picture of our good buddy SOCRAM:

thanks to gma and gpa doyle for springing for these fancy pictures from his preschool.

make the weekend get here faster!

a couple stories to help you get closer to the week-end.

-> 100 things that my kids will never have the pleasure of knowing – things like auto-reverse cassette decks, high-speed dubbing, blowing the dust out of a nintendo cartridge to help it load better and having a actual book dictionary around the house [wired.com]

-> we need some of these posted at strategic locations in downtown areas [design blog]

->  how did i miss out on the baconcamp. do not browse this site if you are hungry and you like salty, cured pork strips [baconcamp sf]

-> add a strip of bacon to any website, like this [example][bacolicio.us]

-> more doctors condoning coffee consumption, after research proves that it helps parkinson’s, diabetes and liver cancer – as if i needed more motivation to drink more coffee. if only i could find a study that says guinness has the same powers, i’d be set! i also have a peet’s card, courtesy of fishbowl, so someone call me up and we’ll go [la times]