psycho donuts in campbell

doing some pre-work browsing this morning and saw this place in campbell called psycho donuts. aside from krispy kreme’s, most donut places are pretty bland in decor. here, you can get a pretend nurse to feed you a bipolar donut or donut fries, seen above.

i wonder if most of my posts that mention food happen early in the morning before i’ve had something to eat for the day?

story here [associated content]

official website here [psycho donuts]

UPDATE: seems like some people didn’t like the concept of the store so they complained about it. LAME. if you don’t like the store, don’t patronize the business and shop somewhere else. don’t just throw a hissy fit. there are probably some people in the world who find it humorous, even those with mental illness and you’re depriving them of the chance to have a laugh at it [san jose mercury news]

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