almost the weekend again links

i know i made my dad proud last night when i cleared the kitchen sink clog without resorting to calling a plumber. i’m always worried about damaging my hands somehow because they are my livelihood, but this time i came through with just a couple scratches on my right hand.

read these while i put some lotion on:

-> what life is like with beer goggles on [college humor]

-> i always had a tough time telling people about milpitas, and how to spell it. most people couldn’t figure it out so i said san jose to make it easier. for the spanish speakers, i could always default to “little cornfields” and they would get it right, but for others it was a lost cause. i’m just glad i don’t live in cities like these [blogspot]

-> maybe the bible is easier to understand when they are recreated in legos? it might help some of the kids absorb it better too [inspirational christians]

-> google street view cameras may have caught philip garrido leaving his compound in antioch – rumor has it that he was bugged out from seeing the cars with the cameras on top driving around his neighborhood [boing boing]

-> steve nash had to disguise himself when he played some pickup ball at a local park while he was in china with an official nba delegation. this kinda reminds me of how i have to play with a disguise when i play or else i’ll be mobbed from my own fans, or the police [yahoo]

-> some of the best personalized license plates [holytaco]

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