obama’s socialist marxist hitler speech

there’s been a lot of hubbub over obama’s speech this morning to the school children of america. right-wingers are calling it some sort of brainwash session, reminiscent of hitler programming the nazi’s and also a way for him to push his political agenda on the young and try to make them democrats for life.

As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology,” Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer said.

it was pretty clear from the earlier announcement that it was just him greeting school kids in the new school year and emphasizing the importance of education in their lives. parents across america were going to pull their kids out of school today, in protest that the president was speaking to their children without their consent or prior approval. that has now been been derailed as of this morning, because the white house has just released the text of his entire speech. it’s exactly as i thought it would be – something pretty simple and laid back, maybe even a little inspiring.

official whitehouse release of the speech [whitehouse.gov]

i personally know of one person who was worried about this, so she was going to escort her daughter to school and listen to this message with her, presumably to quickly cup her daughter’s ears if she detected signs of her daughter being brainwashed. she will remain nameless, although anyone close to her will know who i am referring to.

just more scare tactics by the underinformed. this was the scene back in the 1950’s:

the nice thing is that the right-wingers are getting dumber because in the picture above, at least all the signs are spelled correctly.

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