#10 hardaway jersey retired

the miami heat retired tim hardaway’s #10 jersey last night. he had about 50 friends and family in attendance but the heat snuck in mitch richmond and chris mullin, his co-horts from the RUN TMC days back in oakland. watching them score 75+ppg as a trio was a lot more exciting than the warriors these days.

…and a pic from back in the day below. look at chris mullin’s dukes:

scrry halloween linkage

-> recipe for some meat hand meatloaf, as seen above [not martha]

-> more kids these days are being diagnosed with YTD (youthful tendency disorder). i’m pretty sure marcos has it and we have yet to see if the baby has it. i wonder if big pharma has a pill for this one yet? [the onion]

-> some excellent pictures taken of how bad the pollution is in china. it makes our relative pollution here seem like nothing compared to what they have to go through [china hush]

-> fatburgr iphone app to find the nearest burger joint to wherever you are at [fatburgr.com]

-> 9 examples why google is better than yahoo [maxim.com]

bay bridge cable cut

on monday evening, one of the temporary cables on the bay bridge snapped off. this was part of that “blip” in the work they did over labor day weekend. traffic hasn’t been too bad over the dumbarton in the meantime, but i would have hated to be in the car struck by the cable. this guy snapped this pic from just a couple cars behind.

fremont fleshlights on top

after 5 weeks of this early season, i am at the top of the fantasy football league with a healthy 5-0 record. the first few weeks, i thought it might have been flukey and didn’t want to talk about. considering that i only won 4 games last year, i am pretty happy to get to 5 wins already this year. next up, noah’s battlestar galactica-piloted team.

i also wanted to post this to be able to use the word “fleshlight” on my website.

happy weekend peeps.

rethinking my muni bus plans for friday

marcos and i are heading up to the city to watch the blue angels on friday afternoon. one of the plans was to take bart and then either watch at the embarcadero or take a muni bus or trolley to watch somewhere like marina green or crissy field.

maybe after this, i’ll stay clear of the muni bus system so we don’t get attacked by ugly, old women.

royale with cheese links

J: do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in france?

B: no

J: tell em vincent

V: a royale with cheese

J: royale with cheese! do you know why they call it that?

B: because of the metric system?

J: check out the big brain on brad. you are one smart motherf*cker.


-> mcdonalds opens a restaurant at the louvre to the delight of french gastronomics everywhere! [telegraph.co.uk]

-> lego cubedudes from popular culture [the coolist]

-> ground beef used in hamburgers always are of dubious quality, but this in-depth article shows exactly where it’s coming from. your patty could be a mishmash of beef parts from several countries [ny times]


-> i keep getting this book from friends and family for birthday and christmas and now have a bunch left over. let me know if you want a copy and i’ll bring you one from my stash [amazon]

crabtree signs with the 49ers

michael crabtree officially ended his holdout from the 49ers yesterday. i think he was trying to get more leverage by hoping the niners would lose their first few games and be desperate to sign him on his terms. now that the niners are 3-1 (and could easily be 4-0), that plan has backfired on him. mike singletary doesn’t take shit from anyone.

fans were starting to sour on him as the season went on. how can you take a guy seriously who has mc hammer and deion sanders in his entourage? i hope singletary benches him so he watch and learn from isaac bruce for for a few games and for the fans to get some heckling in.