fun day doing very little

the only solid plan we had going today was to watch the blue angels do their final practice over the bay this afternoon. everything else would be improvised on the spot and we also would use public transit as much as possible.

on the bart ride up there, marc wistfully noted the “poor places” we rode over (meaning hayward and san leandro with the tagged fences and small trashy houses).

the highlight of his day turned out to be taking a cab to aquatic park – he was so intrigued with the concept of the meter box that displayed the rapidly escalating fare.

after the blue angels made us deaf making low passes with their afterburners on (while burning fossil fuels at a prodigious rate, no doubt), we took the powell cable car back to the bart station and returned home.

it’s nice to get a couple touristy things in once in a while, but prolonged exposure to tourists makes some people get their panties in a bunch. it’s definitely not for everybody.

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