fremont fleshlights on top

after 5 weeks of this early season, i am at the top of the fantasy football league with a healthy 5-0 record. the first few weeks, i thought it might have been flukey and didn’t want to talk about. considering that i only won 4 games last year, i am pretty happy to get to 5 wins already this year. next up, noah’s battlestar galactica-piloted team.

i also wanted to post this to be able to use the word “fleshlight” on my website.

happy weekend peeps.

fun day doing very little

the only solid plan we had going today was to watch the blue angels do their final practice over the bay this afternoon. everything else would be improvised on the spot and we also would use public transit as much as possible.

on the bart ride up there, marc wistfully noted the “poor places” we rode over (meaning hayward and san leandro with the tagged fences and small trashy houses).

the highlight of his day turned out to be taking a cab to aquatic park – he was so intrigued with the concept of the meter box that displayed the rapidly escalating fare.

after the blue angels made us deaf making low passes with their afterburners on (while burning fossil fuels at a prodigious rate, no doubt), we took the powell cable car back to the bart station and returned home.

it’s nice to get a couple touristy things in once in a while, but prolonged exposure to tourists makes some people get their panties in a bunch. it’s definitely not for everybody.

rethinking my muni bus plans for friday

marcos and i are heading up to the city to watch the blue angels on friday afternoon. one of the plans was to take bart and then either watch at the embarcadero or take a muni bus or trolley to watch somewhere like marina green or crissy field.

maybe after this, i’ll stay clear of the muni bus system so we don’t get attacked by ugly, old women.

royale with cheese links

J: do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in france?

B: no

J: tell em vincent

V: a royale with cheese

J: royale with cheese! do you know why they call it that?

B: because of the metric system?

J: check out the big brain on brad. you are one smart motherf*cker.


-> mcdonalds opens a restaurant at the louvre to the delight of french gastronomics everywhere! []

-> lego cubedudes from popular culture [the coolist]

-> ground beef used in hamburgers always are of dubious quality, but this in-depth article shows exactly where it’s coming from. your patty could be a mishmash of beef parts from several countries [ny times]


-> i keep getting this book from friends and family for birthday and christmas and now have a bunch left over. let me know if you want a copy and i’ll bring you one from my stash [amazon]