tryptophan recovery link party

i hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. i overate a little thinking i would work it off during my sunday night basketball run. I showed up ready to play but to an empty/dark gym – maybe it was called off for the holidays?

-> the oatmeal has some good comics – lots of relevant topics and sfw [the oatmeal]

-> new dad in twin cities area spoke only klingon to his son for the first three years of his life – is there a klingon phrase for “lifelong virgin” []

-> ktvu’s lloyd lacuesta interviews some bay area residents who are proudly exercising their second amendment rights. one guy said he “gets respect” from having his gun holstered while he walks around in public []

-> someone’s massive bong shipment from china just went up in smoke []

-> cool x-ray pictures of various bodily accidents, like the “accidental nail gun to the head” picture below [flickr]

sarah palin book signing in ohio

how can this guy keep a straight face when these people answer? if it was me, my hands would be forming fists and starting to swing after the people were done talking. i haven’t been back to ohio in a while, but i hope it hasn’t gotten this bad.

this lady below wanted to dress like her favorite rock star. how creepy is that? i can see 14-year-old girls wanting to dress like bella to watch twilight, but this is a little too much.

i’m not a super political guy, but i feel like donating money to these new left media folks for their work. they also did one of the boston “tea parties” from earlier in the year:

cold in the office links

don’t take this to be an admission that i am actually cold – i am not, and never will be. i will say that the tips of my fingers are cold and it’s hard to type because of this. my office building turns the boilers off for the weekend and so it’s a bit nippy (nipply?) in the office as it takes a few hours for those boilers to start working again on monday mornings.

spend some time warming up with the links below:

-> rent the runway website lets women rent a formal dress, a la netflix for movies. why spend $1,000 for a fancy dress that you are only going to wear once or twice? [ny times]

-> i got some coffee at the embassy suites the other day while in town for the sales meeting and was expecting some vapid, flavorless foodservice coffee, but it ended up being pretty good. more info on “peerless coffee” [sf gate]

-> get the freedom tray now and support troops in wherever or something. i like how the freedom tray lets you eat fast food while watching tv. almost so bad that it has to be a parody of sorts. i’m sure sales are high in the south central states. [freedom tray]

-> as the nation is embroiled in the health care debate, one stat came out  that was very interesting to me. the US lags behind 30-odd other countries in life expectancy, EXCEPT after the person has reached the age of 65. this means that, after age 65, americans live longer than in any other country. i wonder why this is? HELLO – IT’S MEDICARE. i suppose this is the most obvious admission that social medicine works! [ny times]

-> there are over 3,000 kickball teams in the US, including at least a couple leagues in the bay area [sf gate]

how lame is vin diesel?

for the first time, we can easily quantify how lame vin diesel is (real name: mark sinclair vincent):

nothing against vin diesel personally, except that the wife likes him. i suppose he is the equivalent of the kate beckinsale in our relationship. if we were to compare the two, i would say that kate beckinsale is much hotter than vin diesel. anyone wish to agree/disagree?