how lame is vin diesel?

for the first time, we can easily quantify how lame vin diesel is (real name: mark sinclair vincent):

nothing against vin diesel personally, except that the wife likes him. i suppose he is the equivalent of the kate beckinsale in our relationship. if we were to compare the two, i would say that kate beckinsale is much hotter than vin diesel. anyone wish to agree/disagree?

this is what rich people eat

if you are a billionaire, dropping $47,221 on dinner for you and 5 friends is nothing. someone made this copy of a receipt from a visit last week to nello’s on madison avenue by russian billionaire roman abramanovich.

i hate mondays

-> ending daylight savings time sucks – your body clock is thrown off

-> niners & fantasy team losing sucks

-> living in a neighborhood like this one sucks