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i’m a warriors fan and enjoying their recent success after watching years of deplorable success with players like alton lister and kevin pritchard. i have my second electric car. i recently put a deposit in for the new tesla model 3 car but was disappointed at the interior and potential for problems since it’s the first model year of that car. i grew up near my parents and my kids grew up near their great-grandparents which is fantastic because i grew up far from extended family.

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honda civic hybrid (again!)
vta gillig phantom 5813
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sarah palin book signing in ohio

how can this guy keep a straight face when these people answer? if it was me, my hands would be forming fists and starting to swing after the people were done talking. i haven’t been back to ohio in a while, but i hope it hasn’t gotten this bad.

this lady below wanted to dress like her favorite rock star. how creepy is that? i can see 14-year-old girls wanting to dress like bella to watch twilight, but this is a little too much.

i’m not a super political guy, but i feel like donating money to these new left media folks for their work. they also did one of the boston “tea parties” from earlier in the year:

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  • Suzy

    Thanks for sharing. My computer was really chopping up the video (maybe u know how to fix it). Anyway, I have to admit during the election I don’t think I could have spewed out any policy, but at least I come from a place of tolerance. Some of those people just seemed ????????Thanks for sharing.

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