tryptophan recovery link party

i hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. i overate a little thinking i would work it off during my sunday night basketball run. I showed up ready to play but to an empty/dark gym – maybe it was called off for the holidays?

-> the oatmeal has some good comics – lots of relevant topics and sfw [the oatmeal]

-> new dad in twin cities area spoke only klingon to his son for the first three years of his life – is there a klingon phrase for “lifelong virgin” []

-> ktvu’s lloyd lacuesta interviews some bay area residents who are proudly exercising their second amendment rights. one guy said he “gets respect” from having his gun holstered while he walks around in public []

-> someone’s massive bong shipment from china just went up in smoke []

-> cool x-ray pictures of various bodily accidents, like the “accidental nail gun to the head” picture below [flickr]

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