cordazar calvin broadus links

-> snoop dogg (real name cordazar calvin broadus) paid $1.3M of his own money to start a football league in his hometown of crenshaw. basketball rules there and football takes a back seat because of hefty requirements like expensive football pads & helmets), a playable field and lots of non-incarcerated coaches. the football revival is now complete as crenshaw high played for the CIF Division I state football championship this past weekend, losing to perennial powerhouse De La Salle of Concord. this is a MUST READ [ny times]

-> scientific study which shows that men prefer the smell of gasoline and bacon, compared to the smell of babies. i like how there is money being devoted to this at a scientific level []

-> after seeing pictures of the world’s hairiest man, there should be no further dispute about the theory of evolution []

-> the most inappropriate obama products on the market now, including the obama ecstasy tab, as seen below [huffington post]

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