staying home on new years links

home for the new years because you are old and have kids and don’t want to get jostled by rowdy-ass drunk kids in some public venue drinking $10 greyhounds? hate to be you. here’s some links to read while you sit in your snuggie with your eggnog latte:

-> what if there was facebook during the star wars years? [collegehumor]

-> what if there was adidas during the star wars years? [fast company]

-> emerging green technologies usually require some ‘rare earth’ minerals. just one problem – these elements come almost entirely from china, from some of the most environmentally damaging mines in the country, in an industry dominated by criminal gangs. this is going to end well [ny times]

-> you still have one more day to take your picture with ‘hunky santa and the candy cane girls’ at the beverly center [hunky santa]


check your email for a link to download some good music from 2009. if you didn’t get it, send me an email or FB message and i’ll re-send it.

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