feeling better links

it was pretty interesting last week, but we’re back to the grind this week.

-> nbc is lame for caving in to jay leno. he’s old and not funny. let conan have his turn [wsj blog]

-> yemeni guy now living in canada writes about how his sisters used to shop for bikini’s and now they are content in burqa’s. no wonder everyone is so upset in the middle east, when their women are wrapped up in big blankets all the time and out of the public eye. ridiculous [globe and mail]

-> boston globe’s big picture section covers the paris-dakar rally [boston.com]

-> james bond-ish eyeglasses with a video camera attached [wired gadgetlab]

-> the latest oatmeal column – this time about ink cartridges [the oatmeal]

doyle boys (almost) hike up mission peak

to cap our winter break, the four doyle men hiked up mission peak here in fremont. we picked the more leisurely ohlone college trailhead instead of the shorter, steeper stanford ave trailhead because of the kids. that was sort of the problem – it was almost too leisurely and mateo fell asleep about halfway through, which sort of aborted the trip. i don’t know if i could lug that 30lb wet noodle all the way up the rest of the way, even at that granny incline. i think we’ll try again soon, leaving earlier in the morning so we can make it back down before the boys have to take their naps.

the boys got a 2x dose of grandpa this christmas as grandpa hall came down from portland for the holiday and they got to hike today with grandpa doyle.