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think curling is for wussies?

tell that to 49ers TE Vernon Davis (6-3, 250lb). any sport that begins their matches with bagpipe players promises to be pretty interesting [san jose mercury news]

this is vernon davis without the goofy curling outfit:

no wonder iraq can’t defend themselves

after the first couple times, the bad guys are going to figure out those are fake guns made of wood.

call da ambalamps (the remix)

please stay off the grass

links of da ambalamps

bring dem!

-> i have been reading about liquid flouride thorium reactors with great interest. it’s super nerdy but there is enough throium in the earth’s crust to power the US for 1,000 years within a nuclear reactor with just ‘grams’ of radioactive waste as a byproduct. additionally, the waste cannot be reprocessed into a nuclear weapon. why are we not doing this already? []

-> george hutchins is a real candidate for some district in north carolina that includes our office in morrisville. the guys in my office are pretty cool. this guy used ms frontpage 2.0 to build his website []

-> sf gate has a regular feature on some local real estate for sale. how sweet would this place be? []

-> when you lick an envelope, you are usually greeted with some weird chemical taste. jd foods has solved that problem by inventing an envelope that tastes like bacon [jd foods]

-> it took us this long to invent the supine reading glasses? i hate finding a comfy position on the bed to read my dystopian novels. each position ends up in some part of the body falling asleep or having to read the book sideways! [hammacher schlemmer]

this is the AC Transit

for about a year now, i have been riding the fine Van Hool buses (see on the left) of the AC Transit system with generally good results. what would take me 15 minutes in a car has been transformed into a 60-minute leisurely stroll through suburban fremont. the usual crowd is a sleepy mix of students and work commuters making their way to and from the bart station.

unfortunately, other parts of the 510 are not so benign. consider the video below taken from an AC Transit bus a couple days ago, probably somewhere in the Hayward/Oakland area.

this has to be one of the funniest videos i have ever seen.

no one wants heartbreak on valentine’s day

but what about heart steak?

sarah palin likes the teabag

i hate giving sarah palin any space on my website, except in the cases where i can ridicule her further. her latest gaffe happened at a closed-to-the-media event with this “tea party” movement a few days back. several people caught her reading her hand while answering a question and someone caught it on video and was able to zoom in on her hand.

ironic that she chewed obama out for reading from a teleprompter, no?

it’s john mccain’s fault for bringing her to the national stage when she has zero (or even possibly negative) experience or rational thoughts about how things should go. she did not even complete one term as alaska’s governor. she is most definitely NOT fit to be one bullet away from being the leader of this country.

you know, 80% of republicans want sarah palin as the republican candidate for president in 2012, as do 100% of democrats.

she also says that climate research is “snake oil” and that we should remove environmental protection laws to encourage development. the only snake oil is what’s coming out of her mouth. so much for folksy traditional christian values when she has to lie and protect herself from exposing that her oldest son track was born out of wedlock. hey, it happens – just accept it and be a good mom. don’t lie to people and say you eloped when you actually got married 8 months before track’s birthday.

in some ways, i hope you can stay in the public eye some more  so that tina fey can mock you on national television for the next 4 years (or more).

more hateful sarah palin spew []

google’s first tv ad

eric schmidt indeed confirmed that hell hath frozen over for google to run a tv ad. this one ran during the third quarter of the super bowl

its wicked cold back east

(gotta love that 50-50 weight distribution on the nissan 370z)

and people riding out the storm by enjoying the necessities of life, bacon and beer.