rachel maddow pwns fox news

yet another reason fox news should be ashamed of themselves. rachel maddow shows some good footage about exposing the real story behind that ACORN “scandal” within the last couple weeks. even california attorney general jerry brown has cleared ACORN offices within california of any wrongdoing.

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(you know with a screencap of a pimp, it’s something you have to watch)

imagine if the right-wing can do something productive with their time instead of setting up fake stings that don’t really uncover anything? they were talking about this for weeks after the videos were released. i was concerned when i watched the videos at first, but i was fooled, just the same way that the rest of america was.

rachel maddow is more respectable to me than the fox news type like hannity and beck. her wiki says that she graduated from stanford, was a rhodes scholar and also has a Ph.D. i was curious about glenn beck so i went to his wiki. i tried to find his educational background, but couldn’t find it. it’s because he doesn’t have any. he is a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. i was also curious about sean hannity and his wiki says that he ATTENDED COLLEGE (not graduated).

i wonder what made castro valley’s rachel maddow choose a tv and radio career, but i’m glad she did so she can set straight clusterf*cks like sean hannity and glenn beck.

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