my life

i’m a warriors fan and enjoying their recent success after watching years of deplorable success with players like alton lister and kevin pritchard. i have my second electric car. i recently put a deposit in for the new tesla model 3 car but was disappointed at the interior and potential for problems since it’s the first model year of that car. i grew up near my parents and my kids grew up near their great-grandparents which is fantastic because i grew up far from extended family.

my rides

toyota mr2

geo prizm

volkswagen passat

bmw z3

volkswagen gti

bmw z4

audi s4

honda civic hybrid (ouch!)

ac transit van hool a300

the silver bullet

honda civic hybrid (again!)
vta gillig phantom 5813
chevy volt at-pzev

new old spice commercial

another great old spice commercial. they’ve worked on their image a lot – i wouldn’t have even considered old spice before because my dad had some bottles around when i was growing up.

consequences of gays adopting

further evidence that global warming is a SCAM

this is san francisco weather for the next 5 days. how can it be 58 degrees in the summer?! it’s so obvious these liberal clowns are making global warming up!

my good buddy tommy miceli

here’s some video of my buddy tommy miceli at this past weekend’s NHRA action in englishtown, nj. i would probably soil my pants if i had to run a 7.2 quarter-mile at 184mph on two wheels.

my escort, the daily work commuter car, tops out around 70mph on the freeway with a tailwind.

18 and graduated!

i am already preparing her bedroom to be my office! i kid.

busy week links

this week is busy with two graduations and a couple birthdays, all with the nba finals happening at the same time. whoever invented the DVR should be given some sort of nobel prize for science. squeezed into this schedule, i found the time to collect some links for your reading pleasure:

-> 15 facts about wealth and equality in the US. seems like finland or sweden would be good for mom and dad because of their great social systems. it would also be good for the boys so they could hook up with some hot green-eyed blondie [sfgate]

-> like the iphone form factor but want to run android so you can have flash? this team is dedicated to it []

-> i got inspired by these pictures [below] and am going to try this out after the hubbub. so many projects and things i’d like to try out, but getting called out by the son to play some baseball or make paper airplanes makes me forget them. this means that i’ll probably end up trying these things when the boys are 15 and don’t want to hang out with dad anymore []

north korea is in the world cup

they don’t look like north koreans?

we need more phone cam videos

its great to watch live, uncut street action from our cell phone video cameras. the best is the crowd reaction around 0:29. OOOO.

growing up a boy in the late 80’s/early 90’s

i didn’t have cable growing up, but i had friends that did. we could spend an hour watching the gibberish on the screen just waiting for a 3-second glimpse of nip.

happy birthday wife

i got you some new earrings to go with your favorite dress!