bud light brings the wikilinks

-> wikileaks has published a bunch of leaked us military documents pertaining to the war in iraq, none of it flattering [guardian.co.uk]

-> 13-year-old girl destroys the boys in her little league with her mid-60’s fastball and knuckleball. she struck out 127 batters in 6- innings this year, and leading her teams to a 95-8-2 record in the past 4 years [espn]

-> some quantitative analysis of the data collected by dating site over the years reveals that most people tend to fudge on their stats [ok cupid]


-> facebook profile of the week – hilfonso “hildy” starling [facebook]

chewbacca is from happy hollow zoo

did you know that some of chewbacca’s voice/noises were sampled from a black bear at happy hollow zoo? that’s pretty cool. my parents have a season pass to happy hollow so the boys get to hang out there during the summer. they do a great job raising them, and since they’ve got more time on their hands being retired, they can do more stuff with the boys than i got to do.

marcos likes the thundercats

i found some old thundercats episodes through comcast on-demand and got marcos to watch one with me tonight. he loved it and wanted to watch more. the foundation is being laid down for a successful life ahead for him, i can feel it! i wish i could find some gi joe and transformers, but they are nowhere to be found. that would be the ultimate victory.