hopa girl says happy hump day

-> for a few minutes i thought this was real, but then she commented on farmville (?). when i look at my own reports on our work connection, it’s clearly porn that everyone is looking at.

original here [the chive]

her response [the chive]

-> comprehensive study that shows depression hits losers the hardest [the onion]

-> list of movies ranked by how many times they use the word ‘fuck’. i admire the amount of work put into this sort of research [wikipedia]

-> the king of all photobombers lives in the UK [the berry]

[urban dictionary tells you what a photobomb is, if you just woke from a 5 year nap]


-> i love to sleep although i found that i can manage with less these days. before it was minimum 10 hours but i can skate by on 5-6 as i do on most weeknights [ny times]

judge vaughn walker is a stud

the recent ruling by us district judge vaughn walker has lifted the spirits of lots of folks around here in california and the bay area, more specifically. his arguments in support of same-sex marriage were pretty solid and i hope that the 9th circuit court of appeals will not stick their noses into the issue and let his ruling stand.

of course, conservatives are up in arms about the whole thing saying that it destroys the sanctity of marriage, etc. just about everything the right-wing says these days seems so at odds with what i believe in, this included. let people get married if they want! they’ve been doing it in other states for a while already and there has been no apocalyptic moment where their state gets sucked into some religious vortex for allowing this.

if you do not like same-sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same-sex! if you do not like chinese people, then don’t marry a chinese person! but, just because you do not like chinese people, you can’t say they can’t get married. you know, we used to make black people sit at the back of the bus, but now they are allowed to sit anywhere on the bus. of course, black guys still tend to sit at the back of the bus. maybe they have not yet heard about rosa parks? there is an entire outkast song about her, but i digress.

anyway, it’s stuff like this that makes me want to become a lawyer. former solicitor general ted olsen had this to say:

chris wallace is like a little league baseball player compared to albert pujols there, like chau pham compared to chau nguyen on the links. ted olsen has argued tons of cases in front of the supreme court of the us, and chris wallace thinks he can break him? i would like to see ted olsen take on fellow fox news failures bill o’reilly and glenn beck so he can shame them into retirement.

that’s all for now.