pre-all saints day stories

i guess the french do it differently there? i can see how the insides of a warmed pumpkin to be a little erotic.

-> some of these new inventions really make it too easy for kids these days. they lack the creativity that we had growing up with our very primitive rubber band guns [gadgets and gear]

-> the slider bar concept in palo alto is pretty good, but their execution is lacking a little bit. i have yet to try their breakfast sliders [slider bar palo alto]

-> i keep this site bookmarked so i can be ready when i win the california lottery, stock option lottery, rich aunt dowry lottery, etc. [vanguard properties]

-> fancy magnification device shows the intricate details of common household things, such as sperm []

alyssa milano supports her giants

our good friend alyssa milano stands behind her giants in game 1 of the world series tonight.

this will probably be as good as a pitching matchup that we’ll see in our lifetimes with timmy the freak taking on cliff lee at 5pm PT tonight. when tim lincecum and his 5-11, 170lb body tried to enter the giants clubhouse at ATT park the first time, they thought he was the bat boy.

we’ll need contributions from everyone to beat the rangers. the shaky offensive performance in the NLCS will not be enough to win. buster posey, pat burrell and aubrey huff need to be more productive for sure.

one of my top 6 weekends ever

this weekend has been pretty good. first, juan uribe hits the game-winning hr to put the giants in the world series:

then, good old friend jason and i caught up with pearl jam at the bridge benefit concert:

and then washing it all down with a mcrib sandwich:

timmy’s bionic thumb fans 14 braves

tim lincecum fanned 14 braves last night in game 1 of the NLDS. it’s impressive because i was only 90% of his skill when i was 170lbs (playing with a tennis ball)(against sub-par competition)(in milpitas).

then, i saw a picture of his hand at the high point in his release. look at his thumb!

WTF is that? it’s like some mechanical bionic triple-jointed appendage.

where would the giants be without their stars tim lincecum and buster posey this year? at home hanging out with the DODGERS!

mr mom end of week links

the wife has been out on a business trip all week so it’s been a little light on the posting since the two boys are a handful at times. here’s what little i could come up with over the past week:

-> while i may have the technicals of photography down, i lack the creativity that others have, like this guy. pictures like this of your kids will come in handy to blackmail them later on as teens when they are pissing you off [my modern met]

-> when you are buying some fancy cheese and get ribbed by your friends, then make them a grilled cheese sandwich with something other than their usual grocery store cheddar (or velveeta) to shut them up [grilled cheese social]

-> when your woman is doubting your sales job about the scientific benefits of fellatio, then show them this authoritative (looking) article []

-> how will my sister liz get her weed if all of mexico is dead from their drug war? local organic stuff from scotts valley is prob 2x as much [onion]

-> any man has to respect a girl who can rise to the challenge of eating 4 brownies, 4 pieces of cheesecake, 4 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and 4 cherries in 45 minutes [cardboardshell]

giants on the verge

the giants are on the verge of winning their first NL West title in almost 10 years. they did their part and swept the diamondbacks at home and the chicago cubs took 2 of 3 from the padres to push san diego to near elimination. this weekend’s series should be exciting, at least the first game when the giants win. after that, they can play all their subs and rest their regulars for the playoffs.

where would the giants be without buster posey? compare bengie molina with buster posey? it’s not even close. buster knows how to hit with that L “power stance” when batting – i have no doubt in my mind that it’s the key to his hitting success. i used this technique to pound out homer after homer in our silver stadium leagues in high school.

again, a big thanks to the cubs for taking 2 of 3 from the padres this week. the padres were probably distracted by cubs fans like this one: