marcos sort of likes the blue angels

i went with marcos and isaac to the city today to watch the blue angels performing for fleet week. i had forgotten he saw them before, but i figure he would enjoy it more now that he is older and also is starting to like the car/plane/train type of entertainment.

isaac and marcos are waiting for the show to start. marcos has some ear protection so the thunderous afterburners of the F/A-18 Super Hornet don’t blow his eardrums out. i suppose i am getting old and going deaf because the planes don’t seem as loud as they used to be when i watched them fly at moffett field back in the day.

the blue angels came and did their usual array of precision flying and acrobatics. will they move to the F-35 at some point after flying the F/A-18’s for 20 years already?

when the planes left the immediate vicinity of marina green to circle back for another flyby, marcos took the opportunity to jump in the sand and play. i guess he’s still at that age where playing with tiny, ground-up rocks is more exciting than seeing a supersonic fighter jet doing barrel rolls at 400 feet above the bay.

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