good luck, we’re all counting on you

leslie neilsen passed away today at the age of 84.

surely you can’t be serious?

i know that leslie nielsen was partially responsible for the sarcastic tongue i have, to the chagrin of the real-life leslee in my life. i will be re-watching the airplane movies this week in tribute to the passing of this comedic genius.

i am serious, and stop calling me shirley.

bonus video:

party animal john mccain links

-> john mccain and other celebs crash ordinary people’s house parties [imgur]

-> the US has double the teen pregnancy and STD rate of the netherlands, despite the dutch having much more liberal viewpoints on their adolescent sexual tendencies [advocates for youth]

-> everyone in the house was rooting against bristol palin in tv’s dancing with the stars. that feeling was confirmed after glancing at the tv and seeing her performance. this man took it one step further [TMZ]

-> imagine making a healthier and tastier mcrib sandwich at home [saveur]

jeremy lin is getting some playing time

local favorite jeremy lin is getting some playing time for the warriors, and not junk time. he’s got a scant 5 total points in the 5 games he’s appeared in (a rousing 1.0ppg, not unlike my longhorn tournament days), but he’s got lots of hustle stats like 8 assists and 9 steals. it would have been cool to see him play at paly, victimizing the non-yellow skin color people he was playing with.

i was trying to get my jeremy lin t-shirt this morning, but my card was declined. F bank of america.

this is still one of my favorite basketball pictures of all time – jeremy lin rejecting uconn’s jerome dyson. sit down clown []

links for my dedicated visitors

so, if you are reading this, then you are one of the handful of legitimate visitors to i get quite a bit of traffic but most of it is by referral because of a few funny pictures on the site, or because i have some interesting word patterns that people are searching for on google (“bruce bochy big head”, “megan fox peter north”, and “kate beckinsale feet”).

the reward for my loyal viewers is a collection of links to other sites that i have carefully selected and held to the highest standard in an attempt to humor you, even just for a moment:

-> this guy has some excellent 3d artwork. it would be great to put a drawing like this on someone’s desk in a dimly-lit room and catch their reaction [my modern met]

-> damn you autocorrect! []

-> a site full of 5-second movies for the ADHD-inclined. if done right, could also be a good porn site for guys that blow too early [5 second movies]

-> with nicknames as the ‘fuck truck’ and ‘cuddle shuttle’, how can anyone have negative thoughts of the wellesley college student bus service [wikipedia]

-> i’m getting closer to acquiring my canon eos 7d. i wanted to get it before christmas but i made the mature decision to pay my rent and feed my family first [dpreview]


-> can someone come pick me up to visit Your Coffee Cups in Warm Springs so I don’t go alone? the 1992 ford escort station wagon, similar to the one below, only adds to the perv profile [the argus] and [your coffee cups]

congratulations giants

we were lucky enough to get a close enough spot on market street to catch the giants players. we didn’t have a good plan this morning so we got there kinda late. i got pictures of a few players that were facing us.

^ jeremy affeldt

^ madison bumgarner

^ mike fontenot

^ tim lincecum

^ buster posey (being interviewed by amy g – video below)

^ cody ross

^ aaron rowand

^ jonathan sanchez

^ nate schierholtz

it would have been nice to get there a little earlier and stake out a good spot to take better pictures, but it was cool just to be there.

giants are 1 win away

we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves because the rangers are still a pretty good team, in spite of what they have shown this whole series. bumgarner pitched a gem and we had some timely hitting.

the face of this rangers fan says it all:

approved halloween costumes

i had like 15 trick or treaters come by the house for candy last night. maybe they were all watching the giants game? considering how the boys like their cartoon characters so much, i think next year we have to get more creative and dress them up in something original, like these:

^ perry the platypus

^ where the wild things are

^ thomas the tank engine

then, there are ones that only adults would get:

^ the original cock sauce

^ lando calrissian

^ a jaeger bomber

^ ace and gary

^ a droog with some moloko