good luck, we’re all counting on you

leslie neilsen passed away today at the age of 84.

surely you can’t be serious?

i know that leslie nielsen was partially responsible for the sarcastic tongue i have, to the chagrin of the real-life leslee in my life. i will be re-watching the airplane movies this week in tribute to the passing of this comedic genius.

i am serious, and stop calling me shirley.

bonus video:

iphone 4 or mozilla seabird?

my iphone 3 has a cracked screen and the iphone 4 seems like the logical upgrade. i’m reluctant just because it means committing to ATT for another couple years. why can’t verizon have a phone just like the mozilla seabird here?

mateo loves the googol

i said the world ‘google’ the other day and mateo took notice. he’s only 2 so i couldn’t quite explain what a ‘googol’ really is but it was good reason to re-read the wiki article about the googol and the larger googolplex.

so, a googol is 10^100 power, or a 10 with 100 zero’s after it like this:


(in the short scale, it’s actually ten duotrigintillion, which sounds equally impressive)

there is an even bigger number called the googolplex, which is 10^googol. carl sagan estimated that writing a googolplex in numerals would be physically impossible, since doing so would require more space than the known universe provides. that is sexy.

interesting note: the term ‘googol’ was coined by a nine-year-old nephew of a mathematician

interesting note +1: the kids cartoon phineas and ferb live near a mall called the ‘googolplex’

speaking of phineas and ferb, here’s a cool article in wired about the people behind it [wired magazine]

party animal john mccain links

-> john mccain and other celebs crash ordinary people’s house parties [imgur]

-> the US has double the teen pregnancy and STD rate of the netherlands, despite the dutch having much more liberal viewpoints on their adolescent sexual tendencies [advocates for youth]

-> everyone in the house was rooting against bristol palin in tv’s dancing with the stars. that feeling was confirmed after glancing at the tv and seeing her performance. this man took it one step further [TMZ]

-> imagine making a healthier and tastier mcrib sandwich at home [saveur]

went to big basin today

against my mother’s wishes, the doyle boys went out to big basin park today to avoid the day-after thanksgiving shopping nightmares (see below). it was a little nipply but it got a little warmer once we got our legs moving. some more pics in the photos section.

black friday madness

those black friday deals are decent sometimes, but not worth pitching a tent a day ahead of time and trying to deal with these massive cheapskates that will fight over the right to save a couple hundred dollars.

clash of the titans

“his mother has a tattoo that reads ‘son'”

“if he disagrees with you, it is because you are wrong”

“he wears old spice. that’s right, you heard me”