links for my dedicated visitors

so, if you are reading this, then you are one of the handful of legitimate visitors to i get quite a bit of traffic but most of it is by referral because of a few funny pictures on the site, or because i have some interesting word patterns that people are searching for on google (“bruce bochy big head”, “megan fox peter north”, and “kate beckinsale feet”).

the reward for my loyal viewers is a collection of links to other sites that i have carefully selected and held to the highest standard in an attempt to humor you, even just for a moment:

-> this guy has some excellent 3d artwork. it would be great to put a drawing like this on someone’s desk in a dimly-lit room and catch their reaction [my modern met]

-> damn you autocorrect! []

-> a site full of 5-second movies for the ADHD-inclined. if done right, could also be a good porn site for guys that blow too early [5 second movies]

-> with nicknames as the ‘fuck truck’ and ‘cuddle shuttle’, how can anyone have negative thoughts of the wellesley college student bus service [wikipedia]

-> i’m getting closer to acquiring my canon eos 7d. i wanted to get it before christmas but i made the mature decision to pay my rent and feed my family first [dpreview]


-> can someone come pick me up to visit Your Coffee Cups in Warm Springs so I don’t go alone? the 1992 ford escort station wagon, similar to the one below, only adds to the perv profile [the argus] and [your coffee cups]

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