he’s a credit man!

who can forget paul from the diamond center?

[it’s obvious that one of the girls is straining with the load of carrying that 200+lb credit man]

peter hartlaub wrote about his recent interview with paul from the diamond center [sfgate]

welcome home links

the family welcomed mom back from japan after her business trip this week. most everything went well while she was out and these stories are to celebrate her return.

-> a flash animation showing the scale of the universe, from a planck to the entire universe. it really puts things in perspective [htwins.net]

-> a swedish city has cut its fossil fuel use by nearly 100% after figuring out how to recycle all their trash. if only the US could figure this kind of stuff out on their own. again, more props for scandinavian countries for their clean cities, friendly people, free college for their kids and hot, green-eyed blond chicks [ny times]

-> flickr slideshow depicting recent road construction in north korea. anytime you feel the need to complain about your job, just look at these pictures and you’ll quickly recant [flickr]

-> someone having too much free time by showing disney stars under the influence of various drugs [livejournal]

santa should be a little more tame

how many kids get frightened by santa? why does he have to look so menacing? there should be a separate line at malls for a more tame santa, maybe with just some whiskers and a red t-shirt.

my life seems pretty normal

my life seems pretty normal and uneventful compared to these people. my dislike of being the subject of photos would be a pretty boring topic on a daytime tv show.