first occidental, next THE WORLD

caltech snaps their 310-game conference losing streak last night by beating occidental college 47-46. caltech finished the season 5-10, it’s best record in 15 years. the caltech women played occidental after the men and lost 82-35 to finish at 0-25 for the season. i think the longhorns could have done better than that? [huffington post]

caltech alumnus [paul linares] was nonplussed when given the news.

zach wahls speaks about family

amazing oratory from a 19-year-old student about being raised by two women. it’s always amazing to me how the government wants to restrict marriage to people of opposite sex because it would be damaging to the sanctity of marriage. what about mickey rooney who was married 8 times? what about zsa zsa gabor who was married 9 times? yeah, that’s real sacred.

i bet most iowans couldn’t even understand half of what he was saying.