down with fools like this

reverend grant storms, 53, was arrested near metairie, LA for stroking himself while watching kids in a nearby playground. this guy is obviously going to get it behind bars. guess what he’s been known for? rallying against gay rights. now, everyone has the right to their opinion and i don’t judge people for that. i don’t agree with westboro baptist church stuff, but i don’t really care if they are out there with their signs or whatever.

[story from chicago tribune]

this kind of stuff is the worst, though. people rallying others to hate a certain group of people by gender, race or sexual orientation but then they are of questionable moral character themselves. and what about these people following this guy? they are even worse.

it reminds me of this earlier story on about california state senator roy ashburn [story]

ps – i did like that sign in the picture though – pretty funny. adam and steve!

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