why can’t i have hair like this?

why does tim lincecum get hair like this from being half-white/half-filipino, but then i get handed down this thick, coarse mess that looks filthy if i ever try to grow it long?

we’re about ready to kick off another season of giants baseball. for kicks, i checked out the results of the 2006 amateur baseball draft to see what teams passed up on him:

evan longoria and clayton kershaw are good, but what about the other guys drafted ahead of the franchise? greg reynolds? brad lincoln? andrew miller?

but, as with life, you win some and you lose some. the giants won when they drafted lincecum #10 in the 2006 draft. the giants then lost when they drafted angel villalona, who is currently awaiting trial for killing someone in the dominican republic and may never play baseball again [link].

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