congrats to mully

congratulations to warriors legend chris mullin who was voted into the nba hall of fame today. what about his 1989-1990 stats?

53% FG, 89% FT, 25.1 PPG, 5.9 RPG

in 1992-1993, he shot 45% from the 3-pt line. brandon jennings (sadly on my 6th-place fantasy basketball team this year) shoots 38% from the FLOOR.

too bad mully didn’t do so well at being a GM:

2004: drafted andris biedrins and passed on al jefferson, josh smith & kevin martin.

2005: drafted ike diogu and passed on andrew bynum, danny granger & david lee. he did draft monta ellis that year, but i think he just got lucky.

2006: drafted patrick o’bryant and passwd on rajon rondo & paul millsap.

2007: drafted brandan wright and passwd on joakim noah, al thornton & carl landry

giants blow one in la

the dodgers beat the giants 2-1 in the first game of the 2011 baseball season. i will say right now that i am worried about miguel tejada being our shortstop. maybe it’s to buy more time for emmanuel burris, or they’ve got some other magical minor leaguer that we don’t know about, along the lines of buster posey or brandon belt? i’ll give tejada another month or so before i start really worrying. was it a big deal to not re-sign uribe? he wasn’t a superstar but he seemed more solid defensively.

maybe timmy and buster are talking about how miguel tejada threw the ball into right-center or the current marital feud between the dodgers’ mccourt’s.

long time ago links

it’s been busier than usual lately so i’ve been collecting a ton of links and just waiting for time to post them. a slow friday at work is that day and so here they are.

-> sfgate readers voted philz coffee as their favorite coffee in san francisco. peet’s would go downhill quick if starbucks ended up buying them out [sf gate]

-> the THE comprehensive guide and review of every item on the in-n-out secret menu. this would take me a year to do myself [serious eats]

-> some cool pictures of a tube tv, which i think every one of us had while growing up, and our kids will have no idea what we are talking about [the atlantic]

-> the japanese mafia will rub you out if you try and loot after their big earthquake – compare that with new orleans [slate]

-> did you know there is a medical term for when you feel like you’ve still got a log in there but it won’t come out? [wikipedia]