forgotten half-brother trace cyrus

this is miley cyrus’ half-brother trace cyrus who fronts the band metro station. this made my day.

25 thoughts on “forgotten half-brother trace cyrus”

  1. aaaaa q feooo jejjeje q tatuajes x favor no es x decirlo saves ni x pareser una viejha pero madre desps cuando sea viejo y se le arruge toooo esoo… q asqete jejjejje

  2. Where was Brenda Songs brain when she let this Spaz knock her up

  3. All the tattoos in the world can’t cover up that much ugly.

  4. he’s a faggot why would he date london tipton

    theyll have ugly kids

    why does he have shitty ass tatoos he looks like a shitty devil london tiptons hotter than you

  5. hahahaahahhahahahahahahahhaha this guy is fuckin ugly, he looks stupid hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaha he looks like a fag

  6. He sure can afford expensive tattoos and underwear though. LOL. What a goofy looking man.

  7. Without Billy Ray and Miley, this “?@#%” would not have tattoos or Armani undies. Is it me or does he look like the original scarecrow from, “the Wizard of Oz”

  8. Who are you people to call this guy a faggot? Are YOU in Armani underpants and do YOU have the money for all those tattoos? Clearly you people don’t watch the news or you would see that people kill themselves over stupid, ignorant comments like yours.

  9. This guy would have been better off spending the tat money on a nose job and a personality transplant

  10. you people are fucking ignornt…. i totaly agree with who ever that raechel person is. why talk shit on someone like that …seriously grow up!

  11. well OMG I didn’t know he was Miley brother lol anyways he is so freaking hot GOSH like freaking seriously lol God blesd you!^_^

    Puerto Rico Fan <3

  12. i agree with reachel and stevi you guys who say bad stuff must really have low self esteem and shows your ingnorance and lack of proper breeding from your parents and absolutely nothing to do to take part in insulting someone you dont know, get a life

  13. Seriously the comments on his looks are SO stupid and pointless, and rude. He can’t help his looks which I personally find quite sexy. His tattoos are bad ass!

  14. His tattoo artist has got some serious talent. Trace is really hot. I love skinny rockers and their crazy fashion. :D

  15. the comments on his looks are very rude, his tattoos are kinda cool, but I think he went a little overboard with them.


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