conan and andy are funny guys

i’m glad that conan and andy are back on the air (or cable, i suppose). i thought he should have been given a little more time to make it happen at the tonight show when leno retired. the usual audience there was just used to the boring, old-timey jay leno and maybe not ready for conan’s and andy’s humor.

also something i learned recently about andy richter – he’s also really tall. he looks a bit shorter and dumpier than conan when watching the show, but someone who went to the show sketched out how tall andy richter really is, using conan’s 6’4″ as the guide.

you can catch conan o’brien weeknights at 11 on TBS.

brandon belt needs to sack up

the giants are going to end up like the a’s or dodgers if brandon belt can’t pick up where buster posey leaves off after his big leg injury yesterday. how can he tear up AAA baseball and then disappear in the big leagues. he’s a good player, but we need to see it NOW.

if you missed it, this is what happened to posey