these guys could use some fishbowl

after seeing this commercial, i instantly thought of paul from the diamond center and his commercials. they would come on channel 2 while i watched gi joe and transformers after school, so it didn’t seem like they were targeting the right audience. nonetheless, 25 years later, I still remember that nasty haircut and jingle.

the ultimate sandbox excavator

whenever we go to booster park, i always end up sitting on the sides watching the boys play in the sandbox. they have a great time laughing/crying up a storm, but i get a little bored unless i bring the kindle. i would love to have something like this to play with. i’d probably just go to the park on my own if the boys didn’t want to go.

orange friday links

shouldn’t you be working? get your fix and massage out your pan-handle.

-> some japanese suffer from ‘paris syndrome’ when they get to france, because of how rude most frenchies are and how they only wear talcum powder instead of deodorant. kidding stephane. my skin has been thickened over the years of working with frenchies, especially my nose skin. their body odor on a warm day just sort of deflects off []

-> here’s a good rant about reducing the role and power of government by privatizing everything and how it would benefit the US. just kidding. it’s terrible  [ny times]

-> feeling down? don’t read these comics or you’ll jump over the edge []

-> there’s a whole subculture of people looking for faults in movies. this is both interesting and creepy that people work hard to document and share this [imdb]

-> there is a mathematical equation that describes how surnames are moving slowly towards extinction. did you know that vietnam has only about 100 surnames, with 60% having the top three surnames? no wonder they are so ugly [wikipedia]

sit down laptop thief

1] oakland guy set up a blog to show exactly where his stolen laptop is, but OPD won’t check it out because of limited resources [tumblr]

(some folks thought it was a marketing stunt by the company to sell more of its software, but apparently was not)

2] intense internet publicity and negative reaction towards OPD

3] OPD says that they ‘accidentally’ closed his file and send someone out to pick thief up [sf gate]

4] Thief arrested. Laptop returned.

There’s obvious value in a piece of software that will track it’s location and send the information back to the owner to assist law enforcement in recovering your stolen laptop. Even the publicity of this case might make a thief think twice before stealing your Mac off a table at the coffee shop. Some software is open-source and some have a monthly fee attached, so you can try the one that fits you best:




But what about malicious use of such software?

-> What about the insecure wife loading it on the husband’s computer to check on his whereabouts and Internet activity?

-> What about the horny guy loading it onto a female friend’s laptop to take secret pictures, maybe when she’s changing?

-> What about a disgruntled worker loading this on his boss’s laptop to catch up on personal and company confidential information?

This is a tough one to make a call on.