us financials are hurting

apple computer has more cash on hand than the us government [sfgate] this is because apple is not fighting a useless war in the middle east and the us government is not charging $78 for an AC adapter like this:

and, speaking of that useless war in the middle east:

trickle-down economics

Big corporations claim they need tax breaks to “create more jobs”. Why doesn’t our government just give breaks to companies who actually hire and retain more employees and none to those who do the opposite?

my Silicon Valley salary does not make me rich

al-jazeera has a story about the rising social discontent concerning the growing gap between the have and have-nots. while i generally agree with the tone of the story, it’s interesting when i hear some of these numbers about how the us median income is about “50,000” and the rich are making “over 200,000”.

it seems that these folks do not live here in the sf bay area where a 200,000 salary (100,000 x2 for husband & wife) gets you a small house, a car, and a little bit of savings for your kid to go to college. i’m sure 200,000 in topeka, kansas will get you a mansion and a butler, but i think it’s weird to lump in these really expensive metro areas where your median income means a lot less than in a more rural area when talking about the “rich”.

again, i’m not complaining about any of it. i am the one making the decision to live here in the bay area, but somehow it doesn’t sound right to me when they say the “rich” are making “more than 200,000”.

(side note – the gal in the video below has a cool accent)