why is bill neukom out?

why is bill neukom out as the giants managing general partner? there’s lots of stories out there but, from what little i know, it seemed he was doing an okay job. it’s not like he was a huge part of the giants world series win last year, but i would have thought he did, and would have continued doing, a good job running the team from an operational point of view. again, i don’t think any of us know the full reason why, and we probably never will, but it just seemed like the wrong move at the wrong time. why do this in the middle of the season? if the partners were unhappy with how he’s doing, they should have waited until the end of the season to not shake things up to not distract the team or the fans at the end of the season.

he was part of microsoft for a long time, so you know he’s got the business smarts to run the company. he has also been a lifelong giants fan, so that’s gotta count for something. that by itself doesn’t automatically qualify him to be the head of the giants, you know he has the passion to make the giants better and he won’t treat it as just a numbers game.

i am disappointed on how things went down. let’s hope the giants can put some wins together at the end of the season here and catch up to the diamondbacks.

here’s bill in a better mood from last year’s parade:

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