the mcrib is back

The McRib is served.

my daughter notified me a couple days ago that a nearby mcdonalds is now serving the elusive mcrib sandwich. i snapped a couple up right away before mcdonalds pulls it off the menu. who can resist the boneless pork patty molded into the shape of a rack of ribs, slathered in a tangy sweet barbecue sauce, complete with pickles and onions? well, maybe only muslims.

mcdonalds usually serves them at different cities at different times, so it’s hard to predict when they are available. the limited availability mystery of it all sort of lets the excitement and anticipation build. a mcdonalds in milpitas might have them, but then a mcdonalds in south fremont some 5 miles away will not have them. there is a website where you can find a local mcdonalds that is serving the mcrib, so there’s no disappointment to find  your local mcdonalds not taking part in this glorious festival of flavor.

[the mcrib locator]

when you have folks buying several sandwiches at a time and those who drive a couple hours to get one, you’ve got something pretty special. even investors take note of this frenzied excitement and have pushed their stock higher in the past few weeks.

mcdonalds stock after the mcrib re-release