best halloween costumes 2011

it’s time to showcase this year’s best costumes:

mermaid man and barnacle boy costume

mermaid man and barnacle boy. looks like this is in the castro.

dick in a box costume

imagine trying to explain the dick-in-a-box costume to your parents or to a foreigner.

snakes on a plane costume

my personal favorite was “snakes on a plane”, although i think most non-nerdy folks would have to get a thorough explanation of what a plane is, or that there was a movie of the same name. the wife didn’t like this one as much as i did.

firefoxy costume


fantasy football costume

fantasy football

one leg costume

a one-legged girl going as a lampshade

halloween slug costume

and we’re done for this year…

2 thoughts on “best halloween costumes 2011”

  1. how did you make your slug costum? My daughter wants one and I can’t find any directions on how to make one. Can you help me out?

  2. sorry deborah. i just found it online. i tried looking some more about the outfit but didn’t see anything. good luck!

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